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We must all thank you and Larry for having the continuous courage to tell the world about your personal health problems and your experiences in the system. And all the while being active in the movement for health care justice to the best of your abilities. For your continued health, Marilyn Albert

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Donna ... I would love to subscribe as a paying reader (I just subscribed non-paying) BUT I just today had to forego some recommended imaging because I simply cannot afford it and Medicare will only cover $99 of the $440 price, plus I just had to pay cash nearly $700 for some essential meds (my cost AFTER Medicare and my supplemental Plan D). So.....all I can say is "I hear you" ...very well.

And I can't work any more (after 4 decades working in healthcare) due to....you guessed it, my health. So: is there a way to make a one-time donation to you vs. a monthly subscription amount?

And THANKS for all the work you have done for decades to bring attention to the situation of people like ourselves.


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