The Lower Out-of-Pockets NOW coalition includes health care, business, patient, consumer and social justice organizations and will push for insurance reforms that lower and cap out-of-pocket costs.
Defending the indefensible and hoping we’re all suckers
Plus, hear about the first time I cussed. It involved a cow.
The U.S. Department of Justice is looking into claims by whistleblowers that Kaiser Permanente has been defrauding Uncle Sam.
Insurer's unrelenting focus on profits have made it far more difficult for people of color to get the care they need. They use the money from our premi…
And they have you and your fellow taxpayers to thank.
The number doesn’t even include the billions we’re putting on our credit cards to pay for health care because of insurance deductibles we can’t possibl…
It’s shareholders just got a lot richer.
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